Tufts and Batson Bamboo Rod - 8' 3/2 5wt

Here is the latest from the team of Amelia Tufts and Gabe Batson, an 8' 3/2 5wt and man is it a beauty. This Sweet Home Oregon couple live right on the Santiam River and test cast and hone every taper they make. Both are expert casters, know what they want from their rods and they also know what they want them to look like, stunning. This rod is one that will handle large fish and has some backbone. It casts great at all distances. The attention to detail that they put into their rods is tremendous, from the delicate tipping to the white silks that finish the ferrules and winding check, to the clarinet wood they machine for the spacer to the wonderful turned n/s ferrule plugs. This rod is definitely put together with love and it shows. If you are looking for a great all-rounder in a trout rod and want a beauty to boot, well, Gabe and Amelia just made one for you.