About Us

Hello and welcome to my playground. My name is Gary Siemer and I have an intense passion for fly fishing as well as classic/vintage fly-fishing tackle. I live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with my wife, Laura.

It all started forty years ago when my father introduced me to fly fishing in Ennis, Montana with his two brothers, both sportsmen in the truest sense of the word from Idaho and Montana. My interest in classic fly-fishing tackle began after my father's passing when I reconnected with my two uncles. The one from Montana in particular had a keen interest in bamboo rods. As the sun was setting on the first night of my visit to Lewiston, MT, my uncle prompted me to cast each and every rod he owned and pick a favorite for our upcoming trip the next day fishing Big Spring Creek. From his collection of rods, including the likes of Heddon, Montague and Horrocks-Ibbotson, the cane rod I selected and connected with the next day ended up being the beginning to what is now an extreme affection for both classic and contemporary fly rods made from bamboo. This beginning also led me to another passion of collecting and fishing with classic fly reels, which has flourished as much, if not more, to the present day. I also enjoy fishing for steelhead, snook, bass, and many other fish that can be enticed by a fly.

Again, welcome to the site and we hope you enjoy your time here.

If you ever need anything or have comments/suggestions, please contact us.