Todd Sands Fly Reels

We are thrilled to now offer very fine fly reels made by William "Todd" Sands. Honoring the tradition of his mentor and of reel making in general, the reels are made exclusively on conventional machines that are all manually operated by the maker. "Bench-made" craftsmanship at its finest!

Todd grew up in the Bangor, Maine area and now resides in Newburgh, Maine. He's been an avid fisherman for all of his life, having been introduced to fishing at the ripe age of five by his father. Todd also is a Master Maine Guide, fly tyer, and longtime rod maker in his spare time, and enjoys using his hands to get that little bit of extra fine touch with making fishing gear. As a trained machinist he has been working at producing fly fishing reels for nearly seven years, the genesis being his love of fly fishing and the great outdoors. All of these factors culminated over the years with hard work and has now led to these beautiful classic-style fly fishing reels.

While working on an early reel project, Todd was approached by Dr. Paul Hermann, a very talented reel maker for more than thirty-five years at that time, and discussed the transition of taking over the production of Hermann reels. Paul had stopped making his beautiful hand crafted reels at the time and was interested in Todd's work and they quickly became friends and associates. After several meetings with Paul, Todd ceased his project and accepted Paul's offer. With that landmark decision, Todd became the protege of Dr. Paul Hermann. Their joint efforts commenced and they worked for three years together going over the intricate detail of each component that make up these fine fly reels, up until Paul's untimely death in December 2016. Before Paul passed away, he was able to witness the completion of Todd's first batch of reels, and very much approved of the fine craftsmanship and final product. Dr. Hermann knew then that these fine reels would continue to be made for future fishermen and enthusiasts alike.

Currently we are offering three models:
  • Large Trout -- 3.20" diameter, 0.80" inner spool width, for 5/6/7 lines and backing, single action, weight 8.95 oz. Retail price $1875 (subject to change).
  • Light Salmon -- 3.20" diameter, 0.95" inner spool width, capacity WF8 + 100 yds. 20# micron, 2:1 multiplier, weight 10.35 oz. Retail price $1875 (subject to change).
  • Standard Salmon -- 3.20" diameter, 1.25" inner spool width, capacity WF9 + 150 yds. 20# micron, 2:1 multiplier, weight 11.50 oz. Retail price $2050 (subject to change).

Additional models are being designed and will available in the near future. Spey, large salmon, small trout, etc. Please inquire for details. 

If you would like to order one of these fine fly reels, please contact us. Get your name in the queue because the backlog of orders is already growing rapidly.