Heus, Danny / Keone Rodsmiths - "Emotion" 8' 5-6wt R-Quad Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a Danny Heus "Emotion" 8' 5-6wt hollowbuilt R-quad bamboo rod. The "R" designates that it is a rectangular quad, the 1 and 3 flat are wider than the 2 and 4. The rod is in excellent+ original condition. Matte, oil finish on blondish cane. Burgundy wraps with black tipping at the ferrules, tip-tops, and middle two guides on the tip sections. The rest of the wraps are transparent with burgundy tipping. Fine ferrule plug turned from brass. Agate stripping guide. Rattan grip. Nickel-silver up-locking reel seat with an African Buffalo horn spacer. Rod weighs 5.20 oz. Fast action. Serial # 207101. Original bag and tube.