Dyna-King X-1 Fly Tying Vise

For sale here is the beautiful and rather rare Dyna-King X-1 fly tying vise. The vise is in excellent used condition and in flawless mechanical shape with only minor cosmetic signs of honest use. 

The Abby X-1 Fly Tying vise was designed by Ron Abby after many years of vise designing. The vise features the tooling and engineering that Dyna-King is known for, including jaws that are often touted as the best in the industry by many tyers. The vise also has a 360-degree rotation and adjustable tension rotary feature. The jaw tips are serrated for holding even the smallest hooks, capable of sizes #30 down to 10/0. The tension of the jaws is easily set by twisting the collet as opposed to many more complicated vises. The angle of the vise is easily adjustable with the unique and quite attractive brass hinge. Also, features a built-in material clip. The vise is made of stainless steel and timeless solid brass. The simplicity of this vise ensures it will last a lifetime or even two. 

The X-1 was discontinued several years ago deemed too expensive to machine and produce. They don't come up on the secondary market too often so don't miss out this finely crafted vise.