Dingley Fly Reel 4" Perfect Style - Alex Martin "Thistle"

For Sale here is a classic Dingley 4" Hardy Perfect Style Fly Reel made for retailer Alex Martin and branded "Thistle". Stamped D2 and 2 throughout. Retailed and stamped on winding plate "Alex Martin". Also stamped "Thistle". This excellent condition reel is RHW and comes with a nice and strong single check from the 1930's. Ball bearing race built under winding plate. Knurled tensioner works perfectly and the spring is very strong and creates a very nice range of drag for the outgoing line. Original factory installed Monel line guide - the mark on it is normal for the monel line guides I have seen and purely cosmetic (it's smooth and not cracked - you can't feel anything giving it the fingernail test across the surface). Gear teeth and pawl still very sharp. Un-filed original smooth brass reel foot with four screws. Great condition ebonite handle that spins freely. The reel has no wobble. No cracks/chips or prior repairs. Majority of original leading remaining. Knurling to rims. Reel weighs 16.85 oz. (with silk line included) and the reel foot is 3.3 inches long.