Abel Supreme Fly Tying Vise

For sale here is an Abel Supreme fly tying vise. Made circa 2005, the vise remains in excellent condition and appears to have been used very little. Though there are a few surface blemishes from handling and being moved around. Most of these vises were made of anodized aluminum however, this one was made of solid brass and copper making it a much rarer vise as well as heavier and easier to tie on. The Abel Supreme design is very similar to a Renzetti vise with a small exception in the way the jaw operates. The following is from an Abel brochure - 

  • It's true rotary, enabling the tier to instantly dress the fly from every possible angle
  • It has built-in Centerline Gauge that let's you instantly align and put your hook dead center in the vise's jaws.  Use any straight edge (small ruler or business card) to set the hook accurately.  Utilizes stainless steel jaws that hold hook sizes #28 to 12/0
  • The jaws can hold a 3/0 saltwater hook so tightly it can be bent into a circle without the hook dislodging
  • It has no groove in the jaws to hold a hook.  A groove can damage both the plating and the integrity of the hook that can lead to failure
  • It has functional machined-in holes for drying stages.  Move a toothpick from hole to hole as the fly dries
  • It features a brass base milled with shallow pockets to hold hooks, eyes, materials, and small tools
  • It comes with an easy-to-use bobbin holder
  • There are four 1/2-inch rubber feet for stability
  • You can take the Abel Supreme Vise with you.  It comes in a compact, fully padded nylon case for storage or carrying         

The vise includes original wrenches, tool post, and Abel bag with leather tab and foam interior. The bobbin holder is not included. This is an absolutely beautiful vise with all the modern amenities that is no longer made as it proved too expensive to produce. Don't miss out, this vise would do justice to any shelf, desk, or tying bench.