Megoff Fly Reels

Ukrainian Alex Kaplun has been making titanium reels for longer than most. If you've never handled or fished with one of these reels, you would be amazed at their mechanical integrity, striking appearance, and flawless performance. There are many models which to choose from to suit your specific fishing pursuits.

All MEGOFF reels are designed based on a single concept. They have spent many months to create unique and effective drag systems capable provide a stable work in any condition. They selected four the most efficient types of drag system for MEGOFF reels.

The drag system for "small" reels (2-5 AFTMA classes, fig.1) is classical and robust "Spring & Pawl" mechanism. These reels are relatively light and allow easy add additional hand braking while you are landing a fish. Using this mechanism allows avoid line overrun when you are casting and landing fish. This drag system has been used in the inexpensive models such as: TR 23 TI and TR 45 TI.

The line of medium reels (AFTMA class 3-7) is equipped with "light" version of disk drag system (fig.2). This drag system can be found in the following models: MDS 35 DD LA TI, MDS 57 DD LA TI, and MDS 79 DD LA TI.

Heavy duty reels (AFTMA 8 to 14) designed for used in salmon and saltwater fishing are featured with heavy disk drag system (fig. 3). This drag system can be found in the following models: MDS 810 DD LA TI, MDS 1012 DD LA TI.