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We hope you enjoy browsing our fine offerings of classic fly fishing tackle. We routinely offer bamboo rods, such as Paul H. Young, Dickerson, Payne, and many others, as well as rods from the finest fiberglass rod makers. We also offer the widest selection you will find of reels from the likes of Vom Hofe, Zwarg, Walker, Bogdan, Hermann, Janciuras, Hardy, Dingley, Charlton, and many others. In addition, we have a wide selection of classic Catskill flies and other Catskill collectibles, fishing books, tackle catalogs, etc. We are also proud to carry fine traditional tackle and art from some of today's most skilled and creative artists who are passionate about fly-fishing.

If you have something you wish to sell or consign or sell, from an estate or otherwise, or simply want an appraisal on a bamboo rod or reel, please email or call us. We carry insurance for items for sale, including the property of others in our possession or in transit. We have a large and loyal customer base and have proven our ability to get top-dollar for fine fishing tackle. Check here for more detail on the services we can provide to you, and here for an article on various options for selling fine tackle. If you would like business references, please let me know.

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