Young, Paul H. -- Para 17 Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a Paul H. Young Parabolic 17 bamboo rod, complete with original bag and tube. The rod is in excellent condition. The rod is full length and straight. Serial #4245 built by Bob Summers. This rod appeared in Marty Keane's 1990 catalog and was priced at $1800. The ferrule fit is perfect. This 8 1/2 footer is a very strong rod suited best for an 8 or 9 weight line. Wells grip is in fine shape. Also comes with a fighting butt. Rod weighs 5 1/2 oz. I'll let the pictures supply the rest of the description. There was a small hook dig by one of the nodes on the butt section and Bob Summers recently filled this in with a small amount of epoxy and re-varnished that entire section. With the exception of this minor repair, the rod is all original. In his catalog, Mr. Keane stated "...certainly one of the 2-3 most mind-boggling casting rods ever..."