Young, Paul H. -- Para 15 Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a Paul H. Young Para 15 bamboo rod. Excellent restored condition (Bob Summers did the refinish). The rod comes with two original tips and one extra tip made by Summers. All sections are full length and straight. The rod was originally sold as a kit rod in 1952 and Bob did the restoration work in 2013, including a new ventilated cork grip. Nickel silver cap with aluminum downlocking ring over cork, brown silks. Lettered in Bob Summers' handwriting on four flats, First flat: Paul H Young Detroit 1952. Second flat: Parabolic 15 Kit Rod. Third flat: 8' #5 to 6 Line. Fourth flat: Refinished by RW Summers 9/1/2013. The ferrule size is 15/64 ​and the ​ferrule fit is perfect with all tips. The weight of the rod with the three tips is 4.15 oz, 4.20 oz. and 4.25 oz. Strong medium to medium fast parabolic action for a 5 or 6 weight line. Comes with its original tube and a replacement four-compartment bag from Bob. The sale also comes with a letter/invoice from Bob detailing his restoration work.

Please note: Payment is requested by bank check or wire transfer. If you must pay by Paypal or credit card, an extra charge of 3-4% will apply depending on where the rod will be shipped.