Young, Paul H. -- Midge Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a very special Paul H. Young Midge bamboo fly rod. This rod comes from the Cardell family of Birmingham, Michigan. The Cardells were close friends with the Youngs and this rod was made for Dorothy Cardell, wife of Paul Cardell. Their son, Jim Cardell, sent the rod to me. Jim was told this was the third midge rod ever built by Paul.

The rod has richly flamed cane, an oil finish with varnish overcoat on the script, black silk wraps and decorative spiral wraps in front of the grip, dual black rings over all cork reel seat, size 10/64" black aluminum ferrules (good ferrule fit) that make this rod possibly a unique build compared to the standard 12/64" ferrules on the midge models, and short cigar grip. Original bag and tube. Lettered on four flats in PHY's handwriting. First flat: "Midge"  6' - 3"  - 1.75 oz.  H.E.H.  Second flat: Paul H. Young Co.  Detroit - Maker. As can be seen in Bob Golder's PHY database photos of this rod, "1955" was also added by a Cardell family member on top of the oil finish and not varnished over as the rest of the script was originally. This "1955" marking was subsequently removed by Jim to preserve the rod's originality. Third flat: Bamboo wt. 1.22 oz.  Fer. 10/64  TipTop 4/64  On the fourth flat, Kent R. Cardell (Jim's brother and second owner of this rod) was added later but subsequently removed by Jim as was the "1955" as explained above.

Dorothy Cardell suffered from bursitis and this is perhaps the reason the ferrules were smaller in an effort to keep the rod weight down. Her letter to Paul H. Young describing this rod appeared in the circa 1955 PHY Co. catalog, a page copy of which is attached in the photos. Excerpts from the letter: "Dear Mr. Young: I wonder if you fully realize the contribution you have made to people like myself with the advent of your Midge. Several years ago I suffered an attack of Bursitus in my shoulder and the pleasure I associated with trout fishing was just about gone... Now I can fish 4 hours in the morning and 4 or 5 hours in the afternoon... At first I was a little apprehensive of what would happen if I hooked a large trout but my fears were dispelled on our very first trip North and I am still amazed at how easily it handles good sized fish..." This original PHY catalog from circa 1955 will be included with the sale.

The rod remains in excellent original condition and comes with a letter of provenance from the Cardell family. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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