Young, Paul H. -- 8'6 Edwards-made "Dry Fly Special" Bamboo Rod

For sale here is an EW Edwards built, Paul H. Young's "Dry Fly Special" 8'6" 3/2 6wt. Made during the 1920's. The rod is in excellent condition. All sections are full length and straight. A couple of the wraps have been replaced with proper matching silks. Caramel colored tempered cane with rich burgundy silks and gold tipping. "Paul H. Young's Dry Fly Special" is written on the blank in the typical Edwards white lettering that appears yellow due to the varnish. Blued guides and ferrules. Ring hook keeper, and a delicate bakelite winding check. The grip is unique for Edwards rods and almost definitely a request from Young, featuring a thumb indentation. This is an interesting early peek into the grip design that Young would later be so well known for. Down-locking reel seat with a beautiful mortised walnut spacer and bakelite endcap. Ferrule sizes 11/64 and 17/64. The fit is perfect. All of the components on the rod are Edwards' best trade-rod components as noted on page 144 in Garner's book on Edwards, Playing with Fire

The rod weighs 5 1/4 oz. The action is crisp and quite fast. This is an excellent dry-fly rod. Comes with original bag and tube.