Vardanis, Alex -- Howells Taper -- 7'3 3wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a stunning rod from the bench of Alex Vardanis - a 7'3" 2/2 3wt Gary Howells taper. It was fished by the maker on a few occasions. Made in 2007. The rod is in excellent++ condition. The only detractor on this rod are some slight water marks on the cork. The rod features a crisp, and delicate medium-fast dry-fly action. Its action is imparted by the method of construction that Alex uses which involves removing all of the nodes in the starting cane strips, similar to that of Bernard Ramanauskas. The chopsticks (split internodes) are spliced maintaining the geometry of the original culm and the splices are staggered in the splines very much like a 3-up pattern of node staggering. The splices are cut left-to-right and right-to-left and the two types are alternated on adjoining splines. The rod is very well built, the corners where the splines meet are quite sharp. This is the hallmark of good rod geometry. 

The rod features medium-light straw colored cane with light rust colored silks and cream tipping. The signature wrap is comprised of a band of cream thread and two thin bands of rust thread at either side. The tips are numbered at the tip-tops using the tipping thread. Blued stripping guide with an apricot agate insert. The guides are bright with the tip-tops blued. Ring hook-keeper. Bright aluminum checks. Reversed half-wells grip with little soiling. Bright aluminum cap and ring reel seat with a fine knurling on the sliding ring. The spacer is high grade mortised cork, tiger maple buttcap. Bright ferrules with witness marks size 10/64. The fit is very nice. The ferrules have been double-wrapped to aid in the prevention of casting cracks. Included is a fine aluminum topped cork ferrule plug. The rod weighs 2 3/4 oz. Rod comes with original bag with leather tab, original tube with brass fittings and a navy blue fleece tube cover. 

This is a stunning rod with an action to match. Don't miss out!