Vardanis, Alex -- Dickerson 8012 Taper -- 8' 4-5wt Bamboo Rod

This rod is from the bench of Alex Vardanis. Made in 2009. It was fished by the maker on a few occasions and shows minor wear. Alex is known for his nodeless rod construction similar to the method used by Bernard Ramanauskas of Eden Cane. This rod is Alex's rendition of a Dickerson 8012 4-5wt 8' 2/2. The action is crisp and smooth, a very nice medium-fast capable of delicacy and authority. Its action is imparted by the method of construction that Alex uses which involves removing all of the nodes in the starting cane strips. The chopsticks (split internodes) are spliced maintaining the geometry of the original culm and the splices are staggered in the splines very much like a 3-up pattern of node staggering. The splices are cut left-to-right and right-to-left and the two types are alternated on adjoining splines. The cane is a straw-colored blonde. Light rust-colored wraps, color preserved and tipped in a creme color. Signature wrap composed of the same thread colors. Blued guides, the stripper is bright colored with a milky white agate insert. Ring hook-keeper, brass winding check. Modified full-wells grip that feels very nice in the hand. There is some light soiling on the grip. Up-locking nickel-silver reel seat with fine knurled edges. The spacer and butt cap are made of stunning Tiger Maple. Ferrules are a size 12/64 as implied in the model name. The fit is nice and tight as it should be. The ferrules have been double wrapped to prevent casting cracks. The rod weighs approx. 4 3/4 oz.  Snake guides and tip tops are "Snake Brand", and the ferrules are CSE step-downs. The rod carries a lifetime warranty by the maker. Includes original heavy canvas bag and a beautiful hexagonal walnut rod tube with leather and brass appointments.