Godfrey, Ted - Babine Model Salmon/Steelhead Fly Reel

For sale here is a Ted Godfrey Babine Model fly reel for salmon/steelhead. Left-hand retrieve. The reel is in mint condition. 3 1/2" diameter. Spool width is 1.66". Capacity is WF9+150yds. Exclusive 10-position adjustable disc drag system. Reel weighs 9.2 oz. An amazing reel and you can get it here without the wait and for less than the current retail price of $2550.

From Mr. Godfrey's website:
Salmon - Steelhead Models:   Rio Grande, Deschutes, and Babine have all the features of the Custom 3.5 inch Salmon Reels, but are narrower and lighter in weight. The spools are narrower to accommodate small diameter 20 lb braided backing. Designed for maximum line control, the Custom Steelhead reels are full-featured with geared retrieve. When looking for sheer power and elegant detailed reelsmithing, you are "home" with the Custom Steelhead Reels.