Steffen Bros. 8' 3-4wt Fiberglass Fly Rod

For sale here we have a rod rod from the highly regarded Steffen Bros. An 8' 3-4wt 3 pc. fiberglass fly rod. The rod was purchased as a blank from Steffen Bros. then finished out. The rod doesn't appear to have been fished. Unfortunately, whomever wrapped the rod appears to have been done so in quite an amateur manner. The rod is deserving of a complete rewrap but is by no means necessary. Steffen Bros. rods are often touted as some of the best casting rods being made today; bamboo, glass, or otherwise.

The rod features an unsanded glass blank in the reddish-rust color characteristic of Steffen Bros. Bright guides, with extremely dark red wraps that appear almost black in some light. There are uneven gaps and spaces throughout the wraps. U-shaped hook-keeper. Cigar-style grip 6 1/2" in length. The cork is of moderate quality and displays light soiling. Down-locking, screw-lock reel seat in the same style as many Steffen Bros. rods. This one is a sharp anodized mahogany color, the spacer is a few shades lighter. The rod features spigot ferrules that transfer motion and energy more efficiently for a smoother cast. The fit is perfect. The action lives up to its reputation - a very smooth medium-fast dry-fly. The 8' 3-4wt from Steffen Bros. is often considered one of the best rods in their line-up. This rod is well suited for just about any average trout stream and is a personal favorite, excelling at roll casting and tippet protection. The rod weighs 2.80 oz. Comes with black bag and black aluminum tube with anodized gold fittings. Re-wrap the rod or keep as is and skip the wait and grab this modern classic for a deal!