Staub Silver Rider Fly Reel

For here we have a very scarce fly reel made under the guidance of Ernest Staub in Montreal, Canada back in the 1990's. This particular reel comes from the estate of master reel maker from Maine, Dr. Paul Hermann. The reel was acquired by Paul from Peter Danube. 

Many say that the internals and drag system were even considered a step up from a Bogdan. Multiplying gears. Currently for left hand retrieve. 17.45 oz including the backing included. 3 7/8" diameter. 1 1/4" spool width. Excellent used overall condition.

The most recent website with relevant details can be found at 

Many consider these earlier reels (like this one being sold here) to be far more desirable due to their confined design nature compared to the more contemporary designs with a bit more "bling".

Don't miss out on this one for your collection! It's a true gem.