Scientific Anglers - System 3 Model 11/12 Fly Reel

For sale here is a Scientific Anglers System 3 fly reel. Direct Drive. Rated for 11-12wt lines. Made in the USA. The “O-ring” drag system was designed by Harry A. Prouza of Minnesota and Herman G. Voss of Florida.

The reel is in excellent+ condition with an area of rim rash. The reel is anodized to a handsome deep burgundy color. Perhaps the best looking reel to come out of the long running SA "System" series. Easily converts to RHW or LHW, currently RHW. The adjustable drag gives control of a wide variety of resistance. Palmable spool rim.

Weight: 10.80 oz. 
Diameter: 3.88"
Spool Width: 1.21"

WF10 + 575 yds 20-lb Dacron / 410 yds. 30-lb Dacron
WF11 + 550 yds 20-lb Dacron / 390 yds. 30-lb Dacron
WF12 + 525 yds 20-lb Dacron / 375 yds. 30-lb Dacron
WF13 + 500 yds 20-lb Dacron / 360 yds. 30-lb Dacron