Schukken Design St 8 Ti Fly Reel

For sale here is a Schukken Design Seatrout "St 8 Ti" fly reel. New condition. Left-hand retrieve but can be changed to right. The reel weighs 9 1/2 oz. and will hold a WF8 + 150m. There are two colors available, brown (the first four photos) and natural (the last two photos).

If you've never laid hands on a reel made by Ids Schukken, you are missing out. Ids has been making reels for nearly 30 years and is one of the few who has mastered the skill of crafting fishing reels from titanium. He only makes a few reels a year. This reel is a beautiful example of Id's quality workmanship.

Series Seatrout
These reels are direct-drive and made of titanium or anodized aluminum (this one is titanium).
The central hub is positioned in the bearing part, completely protected by guards. Damage by humidity or dirt can never occur here. The fine click is one-directional and can only be heard when the fish runs. The reel is silent when winding. Good control is a result of the finely adjustable drag and spool brake.
The spool is held in position by a central screw and is easily removed. The titanium series is absolutely seawater resistant and has a lifelong guarantee against seawater damage.

A swell feature of Ti reels is that if you drop 'em, cuff 'em, ding 'em, scratch 'em, it only takes a bit of polishing to smarten 'em back up. Try that with an anodized aluminum Charlton or Bogdan! 
Don't miss out on this one!

An extra brown spool is also available for an extra $300. This spool has a larger arbor and can hold a WF6 + 50m.