Renzetti Presentation 3000 Vise With Base and C-Clamp

For sale here is a Renzetti Presentation 3000 Vise and Presentation C-Clamp. The vise and clamp are in excellent used condition. Both vise and clamp are in flawless mechanical condition with only minor signs of use cosmetically. There is one rubber foot missing on the bottom of the base that can be easily replaced. 

    From the Renzetti site: The Renzetti Presentation 3000 is the first True Rotary vise designed in the early 70’s by Andy Renzetti. The Presentation 3000 True Rotary Vise is the ideal vise for the tier who is primarily interested in tying small flies and streamers. Crafting miniature offerings can require considerable hand and finger manipulation. Maximum finger clearance behind and around the hook is possible with the Presentation 3000 because we made the jaw slender and set it at an angle.
The signature Renzetti True Rotary feature enables you to wind thread, hackle or other material around the hook with a precision and smoothness you'll appreciate whether you're tying your first fly or your thousandth. Hook range is specify for you to enjoy the True Rotary feature of our vises

Weighing in at at nearly 5lbs the vise is more than hefty enough to never worry about stability problems spinning deer hair or other tasks that require a good deal of force. The rotary function is very easy to operate with adjustable tension making wrapping hackle a breeze. There are 4 open slots in the base to accept accessory posts for use of waste baskets and such. The C-Clamp allows you to travel and tie flies anywhere from your hotel room to the tailgate of the truck. Very stable and built to the same standards as the vise. The included bobbin rest fits the base stem as well as the c-clamp stem. This is a great set for the hobby tyer, whether left, or right-handed.  Holds hook sizes #28 - #2. Comes with  original manual.