Pflueger Golden West, Hawkeye, Delite Fly Reels - RARE SET!

For sale here is a set of 60 yd hard rubber trout fly reels made by Pflueger -- the Golden West, Hawkeye and Delite models. All in exc+ or better condition. There should be plenty of photos here but should you need more specifics, please contact me.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire all three reels in superb condition. Photos 2-6 show the Golden West, 7-12 the Hawkeye, and 13-18 the Delite.

Inspired by Julius Vom Hofe styled reels, the Four Brothers "Delite" reel has hard rubber side plates, an ivoroid balanced handle, and nickel-plated brass rims and other parts. It's really hard to find one with the majority of the nickel plating still in place. As you can see from the photos, the reel in this set retains most of its original nickel plating. The clicker is still very strong as well and the on/off button works as intended. The Four Brothers Delite trademark logo remains wholly visible and fairly sharp.

The next step up in quality of the Pflueger reel lineup was the "Hawkeye". What sets this reel apart from the Delite is that all metal parts are made of nickel silver - the bands, spool flanges, pillars, foot, screws--including cap screw for winding arm, winding arm, tailplate bearing cap, counter-balance. With side plates and handle made of hard rubber, this reel contains the trademark Bulldog logo and collectors know it's generally difficult to find a Hawkeye with a standout logo. Most of them over time have lessened in sharpness due to handling and the general wear of the hard rubber. This reel has the standard slotted bearing cap for oiling and there is a small, shallow crack in it as shown in the photos. Mechanically, this reel is in superb condition, very tight and a very strong consistent click. On/off button works as intended.

The creme de la creme of the Pflueger reel lineup was and remains the Bulldog trademarked "Golden West". What makes this reel very unique is the aluminum sandwiched between two layers of hard rubber to form the rims. Similar to the Hawkeye, the Golden Wests have nickel silver parts and a hard rubber handle as well. Most of the Golden West reels had a serial number stamped into the hard rubber on the backplate. This one reads "6851". Mechanically, this reel is in superb condition, very tight and a very strong consistent click. On/off button works as intended. There are some small chips out of the hard rubber handle on this reel, as shown in the photos. The pillars, slotted screw cap and handle crank could use a good soak/clean to make the nickel silver shine again!