Percy Wadham - The Cowes 4" Casting Reel

For sale here is a Percy Wadham Specialities Ltd. "The Cowes" 4” casting reel. Three finger braking slots to backplate, brass ratchet disc plate with ivory knob, triple ventilated face plate, twin ivory handles, central knurled drum screw, central boss stamped "Percy Wadham's Specialities LD Newport I.W". Spool width 1.1", weight with backing is 11.65 oz. The ivory brake lever engages a) free spool b) reasonably strong spring click/pawl tension, and c) a brake on the spool.

From the Isle of Wight, Percy Wadham was partners with Percy Scott and started the company in 1909. Pre-1920 the reel stampings read Dreadnought Casting Reel Company. Post-1920, the stampings read Percy Wadham Specialities. The company was liquidated in 1922.