Payne Model 204 Bamboo Rod - early Jim Payne

For sale here is a wonderful and rare Jim Payne rod from circa 1920 - a model 204 that appears all original with full-length sections. Its sister rod, "The Babe Ruth Rod" is on display at the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Vermont. A similar rod can also be found on page 57 of Marty Keane's book. The rod is in excellent condition with the only issue being some "alligatoring" of the varnish in places, certainly nothing I would be concerned about. The rod has full intermediate wraps and all of the wraps remain in excellent condition. Agate stripper and agate tip tops. Nickel silver cap and ring over the typical spanish cedar spacer. Ferrules are witness marked. Grip is in great condition as well. The hang tag says model 216, but this was more than likely an oversight since a 216 wouldn't have fit in this bag/tube, which are both original. This is a true collector's rod and you would simply be hard-pressed to find another one in this condition.