Young, Paul H -- Midge Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a Paul H. Young Midge bamboo rod. The rod is in near mint and original condition. Richly flamed cane with no issues. The rod was finished in late 1960 or early 1961 by Bob Summers, with Bob's writing on the rod. Paul Young passed away in 1960. KE Grow was the original owner of this rod and I received it directly from his son-in-law. All cork reel seat with knurled and black anodized aluminum rings. Black anodized aluminum ferrules in pristine condition. Diminutive Ritz-style grip measures 4.4" in length. Snake guide in place of a stripping guide as was usual with many Midge rods. Exquisite gold wraps and varnish work. The original satin bag is in perfect condition, a rarity in itself as usually these satin bags deteriorated quite noticeably with moderate use and age. Original Champion-style tube in great shape also. All sections are straight except one tip which has a very slight fishing set which can be easily corrected.