Pamola Fly Lathe

For sale here is the rare and beautiful Pamola Fly Lathe. Made in the USA (Massachusetts) by Pamola Fly Tool Co. 

The vise is in excellent used condition and in flawless mechanical shape with only minor cosmetic signs of use. The vise features a static or in-line rotary function, meaning the shank of the hook is held in line with the center axis even while rotating the hook (see pictures). There is no ellipse or wobble of the hook. In this fashion it works much like a lathe, hence the name. 

The vise is unique in appearance as well as beautiful. Largely constructed of brass with a dark green crackle finish base. The jaws are capable of holding hooks size #6/0-#28, so almost anything a person could want or need to tie. There is a tension/locking knob for the rotary function, knob for the angle of the head, and for the height of the head. As well as operating the rotary function the large wheel at the back operates the opening and closing of the jaws. The simplicity of this vise ensures it will last a lifetime or even two. 

The Pamola Fly Lathe is quite rare and does not come up often on the secondary market. It has somewhat of a cult following. The company has since gone out of business. Don't miss out on this finely crafted, American designed and made fly vise.