Orvis Salmon 10' Bamboo Rod

For sale here is an Orvis Salmon 10' 9wt 3/2 bamboo rod with detachable extension/fighting butt. Serial #9450 made in 1950 by Cal Skinner. The rod is in excellent original condition with the exception of the mid section being down 1 3/8". The rod was repaired by Orvis most likely at the female ferrule. Orvis did an outstanding job as without the rod being down a bit one could never tell. Thread color matches perfectly. The rod features classic browntone cane with chestnut silks. Cigar grip with light soiling. Down-locking nickel silver reel seat. The cork check between the grip and reel seat is slightly loose. The fighting butt/extension is 5 1/2' in length. The cork has some soiling but is in excellent condition. The rubber butt cap is also in fine shape, not at all dry or cracked. Ferrule sizes 13/64 and 20/64. Rod weighs 8.55 oz. without extension and 11.10 oz. with. Original brown bag with extra section for the extension. Replacement tube with brass collar and aluminum cap.