Orvis / Hart "Umpqua" Salmon Fly Reel

For sale here is a disc drag anti-reverse salmon fly reel made for Orvis in the 1970s, called the Umpqua model with a diameter of 3 3/8", weighing 9 oz. with a capacity of 200 yds plus a DT9 line. Right-hand retrieve. Excellent condition. This was known as the Orvis / Hart reel. It appeared in the Spring 1977 Orvis catalog. A very effective and well-appreciated reel with a very effective adjustable drag, resulting in a very strong drag at its highest settings. See the catalog photo for a further explanation of the very unique features of this reel. Comes with a very nice and its original leather case as well.

This reel sold for $190 in 1977, roughly the same price as another salmon reel appearing in the same Spring 1977 Orvis catalog from a reel maker named Stanley Bogdan!