Needham, Omar H. -- "Salmon" Bamboo Rod 9'3" 3/2 8wt

For sale here is an Omar H. Needham "Salmon" 9'3" 3/2 8wt bamboo rod. Omar H. Needham was head of the Orvis rod building shop in the late 30's before leaving to build his own rods. The rod is in excellent condition with the exception of a few small varnish chips on one of the tips. The mid-section has an inch-long protective wrap over a hook dig. The rod has been re-wrapped at some time in its history as well. Chestnut brown silks over medium dark cane. All sections are full length and straight though one tip does have a very slight fishing set. Western-style grip in excellent shape as well as the aluminum up-locking reel set with wood spacer. Ferrules fit together very nicely and pop when pulled apart. Rod has a nice medium-fast action more on the medium side. Ferrules sizes 18/64 and 12/64. Rod weighs 6.8 oz. Serial # 7765. It is estimated that Needham built less than 400 rods so they are somewhat rare. Comes with original bag and tube.