In addition to the graphite rods we have photographed and listed on the website, the rods in the list below are also available for purchase. To inquire, please contact us. We can send photos, full description, price, etc. upon request.

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Loomis GLX 10' 4wt 2pc
Loomis GLX 10' 5wt 2pc
Loomis GLX 10' 5wt 4pc
Loomis GLX 10' 6wt 2pc (sold)
Loomis GLX 10' 7wt 2pc
Loomis GLX 10' 8wt 2pc
Loomis GLX Native Run 9'6 8wt 4pc
Loomis IM6 9' 12wt 2pc
Loomis IMX 8'6 13-15wt 2pc
Orvis Access Mid-flex 9' 5wt 4 pc.
Orvis Helios 8'4" 3wt 4 pc.
Orvis Helios 9' 12wt 4 pc.
Orvis Powerflex 8'6 6wt 2pc
Orvis Powerflex 8'6 8wt 2pc
Orvis Powerflex 8'9 7wt 2pc
Orvis Powerflex 8'9 7wt 2pc w/ fighting butt
Orvis Powerflex 9'3 8wt 2pc
Orvis River Master 9'6 8wt 2pc
Orvis Trout 8' 6wt 2pc
Redington Classic Trout 9' 5wt 6pc
Sage Center Axis SLT 590-4 9' 5wt 4 pc.
Scott G 9' 10wt 3pc
Scott G 9' 8wt 4pc
Scott G Heli-Ply 8'8 8wt 3pc
Simroe Rodon 9' 8wt 2pc
Winston BIIx 9' 5wt 4pc
Winston BIIx 9' 6wt 4pc
Winston BIIx 9' 7wt 4pc
Winston BIIx 9'6 5wt 4pc
Winston Boron XTR 9'8wt 3pc
Winston DL4 9' 6wt 4pc
Winston IM6 9' 5wt 3pc
Winston IM6 9' 6wt 2pc
Winston IM6 9' 7wt 3pc
Winston IM6 9'6 5wt 2pc
Winston IM6-XD 9' 8wt 2pc
Winston LT 9' 6wt 3pc
Winston Pre-IM6 9' 10wt 2pc
Winston Pre-IM6 9' 5wt 2pc