Montague - German Silver Fly Reel - 60yd

For sale here is a very nice "Optimus" trout reel made by Montague in the early 20th century for retailer Dame Stoddard of Boston. Made of German silver and hard rubber. The diameter of the reel is 2 1/8" and the pillar length is 1 1/16". The reel will hold a five-weight line plus backing. The clicker drag mechanism works flawlessly, as does the sliding click switch. All screw heads are in fine condition with a few showing slight marks. No cracks or chips exist in the ebonite sideplates although there is slight circular scoring to the front plate from the handle arm rubbing at some time in its life (it doesn't currently rub). The rims are in very fine condition as well. The reel foot is full length and includes the "60 yd" capacity designation.