LH Design Sapphire 4/5 fly reel and spare spool

For sale here is a LH Design Sapphire 4/5 reel. Leen Huisman from The Netherlands has been making fly rods and reels for over 30 years. His designs and exquisite craftsmanship are very well-respected worldwide, and by reviewing the photos of this reel, you will see why. The Sapphire reel (also known as the Series E) features a frame made of 100% titanium and a spool made from PEI (polyetherimide), an advanced thermoplastic. The reel has a fixed two-way click system. The reel features a Bickerdyke-style line guard, made of stainless spring steel in a traditional design. The spool attaches to the delrin central axis by means of a vacuum. The spool is 2.8" in diameter (with the frame being 3") with a spool width of 0.80". The reel weighs 4 oz. or 4 1/2 oz. with the backing included on the PEI spool. The reel's capacity is a WF4F line plus 50 yds of 20# backing. It also comes with a second spool, this one being a ventilated titanium spool. When this spool is used, the total weight of the reel is 4.6 oz. It also comes with the original black fleece reel pouch, but the spare spool pouch is missing. The reel is set up for left hand retrieve but can be switched easily to right hand. The reel is in near mint condition with only the slightest of handling marks that most would not even notice. Don't miss out to grab this wonderful trout reel!