Leonard, H.L. -- Model 51 HW Tournament Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a pre-fire H.L. Leonard Model 51 HW Tournament bamboo rod - 9' 3/2 6wt line with a weight of 5 3/8 oz. Likely made in the 1930's. The rod is in excellent+ restored/refinished condition. All sections are full length and straight. The rod features beautiful golden cane with red wraps and full intermediates in black. Reverse twist English-style guides. Clear agate stripper and tip-tops. Gradually swelled butt. Ring hook-keeper. Western-style grip 5" in length has been cleaned and displays light ridging. Down-locking cap and ring reel seat with a butternut spacer. There is a small dent in the spacer. The bright nickel silver ferrules are size 11/64 and 17/64 with a great fit. The action is on the medium side of medium-fast for a 6wt. The rod is described in the 1931 William Mills catalog as follows, 

"The fishing in the western rivers in some places demands a rod very powerful and stiff in the butt and middle joint and a delicate tip... the following which are "ideal" rods for that style of angling"

The rod includes a replacement bag and original tube. Engraved in the collar of the tube is the original owner's name, Sir J. Ball.