Leonard, HL - Model 73 "Knight" Pattern Parabolic rod

For sale here is a rare offering from the HL Leonard Rod Company, a 7'9" Model 73 "Knight" Pattern Parabolic rod. This is a pre-fire Leonard rod, having “THE LEONARD ROD, H. L. LEONARD ROD CO. MAKERS, REG U.S. PAT OFF” stamped on the butt cap. Full-flexing parabolic action compared to your typical Leonard rod. The swell above the grip in the butt section dampens some of the typical "into the grip" feeling of most parabolic rods. The resulting feel is a medium action ideally suited for any 4 weight line (and perhaps a 3wt at distance or 5wt in close). Red/yellow jasper wraps mostly in fine condition, having received an overcoat of varnish at some time. The female ferrule wrap is a bit cracked, but still sound. One of the two original tips is 3/4" short and has a later vintage tip top, unlike the original agate tip top on the full length tip that has a very slight fishing set. The varnish is in very good condition with some chipping here and there, but nothing that I would consider compromising to the integrity of the cane. The reverse half wells grip is very slightly ridged from a cleaning. The butternut spacer shows marks from the top section of a reel, probably the same reel for many years, having impacted the wood slightly. The ferrules are size 12/64 and the ferrule fit is excellent with both tips. Comes in its original tan bag with wooden stiffener and original brass topped aluminum tube.The original owner of the rod, a female angler named Mary Domaleski from Potter County Pennsylvania, had her name lightly inscribed into each ferrule as shown in the photos. Ms. Domaleski passed away at 92 years of age in 2006. Nice historic rod from the Leonard Rod Company that has seen many years of very gentle use.