Saracione, Joe - MKI 2 3/4" fly reel

For sale here is a 2 3/4" Saracione MKI fly reel in near mint condition. Currently set up for LHW. These bench-made reels, having aluminum frame rings were light champagne-gold anodized. Sideplates were black-anodized. Headplate vents align with drive-side spool venting. Assembled spool with bronze arbour--with the original VomHofe-style grub screw through the arbor to the spindle-shaft to allow centering adjustment of the spool in the cage. Artfully-bolstered cross-pillars are stainless. Counter-balance, winding-arm washer-cup are nickel silver. Easily switched to RHW if needed. The only marks are a tiny ding at 3 o'clock in photo 3 and a mark in the anodized sideplate, hardly noticeable in most light settings.

Comes with original box, pouch and warranty card.