Saracione, Joe - Deluxe II 3" fly reel

For sale here is a 3" Saracione Deluxe II fly reel in mint/unused condition. Left hand retrieve. Serial #201. These bench-made reels have german silver protective side bands. Sideplates are hard rubber with an attractive glossy finish. Artfully-bolstered cross-pillars are german silver, as are the counter-balance, winding-arm washer-cup, and knurled oil cap. Comes with original box, Arne Mason leather reel case, and warranty card.

Additional information from the current owner of this reel:
The reel is easily switched to RHW by flipping over the shuttle. If you have proper screwdrivers and are confident you won't booger the ebonite ... but such surgery is better left to Joe. And this reel is more of a Lefty than you might realize! It's a "leftover" from Joe's original bench-built D-IIs. Pre- his short-lived retirement. Before Delores discovered Hermes handbags and made Joe go back to the grindstone. This particular D-II is numbered, and its spool is the original assembled style with bronze arbor.

Reel weight 5.85 oz. Spool width 7/8â". Capacity is 60 yds 20# Micron plus a WF6F. Designed for 7 1/2 - 8 1/2 foot bamboo rods with 5 or 6 weight lines.