HMH / Orvis Edition Spartan Fly Tying Vise

For sale here is a special Orvis edition / HMH "Spartan" fly tying vise. Made in 2000. The vise remains in mint condition and appears to have only been assembled. The vise is an exact 2/3 replica of the HMH Standard Vise. It was also known as the "mini-vise" because of this.

The vise has a 3/8" stand rod. The vise is equipped with the Omni jaw capable of holding a wide range of hooks from fully dressed salmon flies down to tiny midge patterns as well as the Micro jaw specially designed for use with small patterns. The base is made of green powder coated cast-iron and hefty enough to work be able to spin deer hair with ease. The head of the vise pivots as well as rotates to let the tyer hold the fly at whatever angle they choose. 

This is finely crafted vise from one of the pioneers of the modern fly-tying vise industry. Includes the original manual and parts list, wrenches, spare parts, Metz hook gauge, and the original packaging and box.