Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" Fly Reel - 1930's

For sale here is a contracted Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" trout fly reel with un-blemished and beautiful dark agate line guide, full-length ribbed brass foot, ebonite handle that spins freely, rim tensioner that works perfectly, retaining much of original dark lead finish. The badge inside reads "Made for Von Lengerke & Detmold Inc. New York". MKII check - both pawls engageable. No cracks. There is one small ding in the frame but no cracks surrounding it. There are also some very slight pillar marks from when someone was using the reel as left hand retrieve. The reel is in fine mechanical condition with very little spool/spindle movement. The tarnish on the nickel silver bezel would polish out if the new owner desires.