Hardy Perfect 3 1/2" Wide Drum Fly Reel

For sale here is a nice example of this early Hardy Perfect 1920s 3 1/2" wide drum fly reel. With a 1905 check this reel dates from around 1910. The foot is full length (3.25") and original, with a slight bend that can easily be fixed. I suspect the original caliper check spring broke and a local gunsmith fashioned the replacement, as seen in the photos. Strapped tension adjuster, original white (now yellow) handle; line burns on frame edge but no significant depth to any of them. Some leading still present, very faint, and hard to see, initials scratched on face. The reel has no undue play and is a good example of an early wide drum Perfect.

This reel will ship from the UK where Vintage Fly Tackle is now set-up to accept consignments from the EU community. Please contact us if you would like us to assist you in selling any of your kit.