Hardy Brass Face Perfect 2 1/2" Fly Reel

For sale here is very rare brass face Hardy Perfect wide drum fly reel - 2 1/2" diameter with the early 1896 check with all three logos on the winding plate. Cosmetically and functionally the reel is in excellent condition, with the exception of one slight ding/chip to the frame. No surrounding cracks exist to this area. Very slight line grooves on one pillar. Full length original smooth brass foot. The handle grasp and tub are replacements and the grasp appears to be ivorine. It spins freely on its post. The reels innards are stamped 7 throughout with VIII marks as well. Four cusps on the spool. The spool screw is in fine original condition. Mechanically the reel is very tight and the spring has a great amount of strength if one cranks the tensioner all the way. 

There are obviously not many 2 1/2" BFP's floating around.....don't miss this chance to grab a nice example, although not a perfect specimen. A reel you won't be afraid to use, at an attractive price given the past comparables.