Gray, Dana -- Carlson Four Quad 7'6 3/2 4-5wt

For sale here is a rod you won't find on the resale market very often, a three-piece Carlson Four 7'6 4-5wt quad made by Dana Gray, owner of the Carlson Rod Company. Delivered in 2009. Dana is at the top of the list of worldwide cane rod makers and it's well known that his waiting list for a new rod is ~ seven years. This rod is in unused condition.

Dana uses highest quality bamboo culms that are 50 years old in constructing these beauties. He also makes his own ferrules. The rod comes with its original bag and brass-capped and die-stamped tube.

Don't miss this chance to be the proud owner of a very historic rod and one that is coveted by all cane rod enthusiasts!