Godfrey, Ted - Burled Wood Paradigm Fly Reel

For sale here is a gorgeous Ted Godfrey Burled Wood Paradigm fly reel. Right hand retrieve. The reel is in near mint condition. 3 3/8" diameter. Pillar width is 7/8". Capacity is WF7 plus 100 yds 20#. Exclusive 10-position adjustable disc drag system. The reel features a 1.9:1 multiplying gear to assist in the ease and speed of line retrieve. Aluminum fittings throughout. The reel weighs 7 5/8 oz. Excellent + condition. Comes with its original suede case. Another amazing Godfrey reel!

From Ted's website:
The Paradigm features the powerful, exclusive Godfrey Custom drum drag system with positive 10-position, and lever adjustment that was first introduced in 1986.

The basic design has 20 years field testing around the world: Alaskan silvers, Catskill secretive browns, and Icelandic sea run trout - anywhere fine-tippet finesse angling or sheer power is needed.
Featuring classic nickel silver fittings, smooth adjustable drag, and massive bearings, the Godfrey Custom Paradigm Reels are the finest trout reels available for the serious angler.

Sumptuous Elegance: The Paradigm walnut burled wood reels are the culmination of nearly 20 years working with wood side plate reels. They are a unique design that really shows off the wood grain against the nickel silver reel frame bands. These special reels weigh the same as the black hard coat Paradigms, and are fully impregnated so they are fit for the weather and the river.

I only make a few of these reels now and again -- they are something of a rarity. I will be happy to fill your order, but some orders are deferred to a day when I can devote the necessary time.