Gobin, Steve -- 6'9" 3wt Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a beautiful bamboo rod made by Steve Gobin -- 6'9" 2/2 3wt. The rod is in mint condition. Gobin, a native Tulalip, is located in Washington and like many, learned much about rod making from Darryl Whitehead. He is also known for his salmon fly tying prowess. When one of his rods come available on the resale market, they are generally snapped up very quickly and for good reason. The rods are works of art and very well made.

The rod features moderately tempered cane with black wraps and a very pale gold, almost white tipping. Blued guides and tip-tops. Handsome black agate stripping guide. The petite cigar grip measures 5 1/4" in length. Nickel silver cap and ring reel seat over a beautiful mortised buffalo horn spacer. The Swiss-style ferrules fit together perfectly and include a buffalo horn ferrule plug. The rod weighs 2.95 oz. feeling very light in the hand. The action is medium-fast. Includes the original bag and tube with fine brass fittings.

Don't miss out on this one!