Garrison, Everett -- Model 206E Bamboo Rod

For sale here is a very scarce Everett Garrison Model 206E bamboo fly rod. 7 1/2 feet, two sections with one tip. The rod is in excellent condition, all sections are full length and straight. No repairs to the cane have been made, nor are any necessary. Mark Canfield, the most respected Garrison restorationist alive today, replaced the ferrule wraps that were re-wrapped incorrectly when we received the rod. The double-wrapping of the guides is original to the rod. The entire rod was gently rubbed-down, then given a thin Garrison-style final coat of correct vintage Valentine's Super Valspar Marine varnish to properly restore the original Garrison-like appearance.

There is no serial number on the rod, but written on the flat below the model number is "1967". We acquired another Model 206E from 1964 (with a serial number) from the same family In Germany. Both rods have the same exact taper and came with similar rod bags, sans tubes. So this rod appears to be a later "companion rod" to the other two-tip Model 206E made for the family a few years earlier.

The script on the butt section remains clean and bold. The grip is in fantastic condition for its age, moderately soiled and appears to have not been cleaned. It is free of ridging or hook gouges. Characteristic Garrison nickel silver cap and ring reel seat with a cork spacer, which does have a couple of indentations in the cork, but this is nothing of concern functionally.

The Gudebrod wraps are a pale lemon that Garrison used from time to time and are also double-wrapped in the fashion of an early Winston, a special request Mr. Garrison allowed on occasion, as long as it didn't include any 'tipping'!

The "lime green" wraps at the winding check are also Garrison-original, done particularly for a differentiating or special situation/client (which this individual certainly appears to have been). It is a Holland thread and comes directly from the plastic container of threads you can see Mr. Garrison selecting from near the end of the Building the Garrison Rod video.

The Super-Z brand ferrules are size 12/64. The fit is excellent. The rod weighs 3 5/8 oz. Wonderful medium-fast action, light and well balanced in the hand. A very versatile trout rod that casts a four or five weight line. I prefer it with a 4.

The rod includes a green hooded bag but came with no tube. The bag has "Super Rot" written on it, translated "Super Red". The other 206E rod bag has "Super Blau", or blue. Mike Clark of South Creek Ltd. made us replacement tubes for these rods from the late John Bradford's stock of anodized aluminum tubes.