Fenwick World Class 2 Fly Reel

For sale here we have a very interesting Fenwick World Class 2 fly reel. The reel is in excellent+ condition. Anodized gold frame with a black spool gives this reel a neat 80's vintage look. The reel is very similar to an LRH in feel and style with the exception that the World Class 2 has a very unique drag mechanism. There are two separate drag knobs that dictate LHW or RHW. No movement or flipping of gears is necessary to change retrieve directions. The reel has a nice loud click much like an LRH and a stout drag. Diameter: 3 3/8". Width: 1 1/8". Weight: 4.45 oz. Appropriate for 5-6 wt lines. Reel comes with original Fenwick leather pouch lined with wool.