Edwards, EW -- Weber "Special" Bamboo Rod - 9' 3/2

For sale here is an EW Edwards Weber "Special," 9' 3/2 in excellent++ condition.

Reel seat, grip, cane varnish, wraps, ferrules--all are mint--and this for a rod that was built by Eustis in the peak of his Mt Carmel work. The two tip sections, although both Edwards tips, are not perfectly matched. One of the tip sections is an Edwards-made replacement tip (see photos), which would have come from Edwards' shop in CT that sold what were described in the Weber catalog as replacement "top sections;" the cane is slightly less tempered than the other section, and as seen in the photos, the guide staggering on the two sections is not identical.

The Webers were the finest trade rods that came from Eustis' Mt Carmel shop. This Special was made circa 1928 (see detailed analysis in Playing With Fire (Patrick Garner), pages 150-156). These were 'no compromise' custom rods that used the finest components w/o exception. Mr. Garner is the prior owner of this rod, by the way.

Dana Gray refinished one wrap on one of the female ferrules (you won't be able to tell which one). Otherwise, the rod is 100% original. The tube, bag and cap are original. Rod weighs 6.3 oz.

The rod would have been sold as a 6-weight, although it casts a 5DT with aplomb. Action is contemporary -- fast and smooth. The overall rod is lightly flamed, wraps are perfect (gold/pongee and purple), ferrules welted and the cane without nicks, bag marks, alligatoring or any other issues. The N/S end cap is properly stamped "Weber Lifelike Fly Co., Stevens Point, Wis." From the grip and overall condition, it looks like it has been fished very little.