Edwards, EW -- 9'6 De Luxe Tournament Model

For sale here is an incredibly rare, possbily unique, EW Edwards built, Abbey & Imbrie "De Luxe" Tournament 9'6" 3/2 bamboo rod. Made sometime between 1927-1930 during the Mt. Carmel era. This is the only signed post-Winchester E.W. Edwards Tournament fly rod known to exist. This rod is not only featured in Patrick Garner's book on E.W. Edwards but was part of his personal collection at the time of writing the book. You can find photographs of the rod on pages 134 and 137 and a dedicated section to the historical significance of the rod on 159 and 160.

The rod is in excellent original condition. Some of the wraps show a bit of wear but nothing to cause concern. The rod features darkly tempered cane. The wraps are described by Garner in Playing with Fire as purple tipped with gold but to my eye the purple appears more a mahogany brown. The hook keeper has been lost, very common on older Edwards rods. Black bakelite cork and winding check. The classic yellow Edwards script appears as crisp and pronounced as the day it was written. The Abbey & Imbrie decal is also free of defects. Agate stripping guide. Cigar grip 5" in length with very light ridging. Nickel-silver down-locking reel seat with fine knurled edges on the band, an unusual feature for Edwards rods. There are a few small dents in the reel seat (shown in pictures).

The rod weighs 5.8 oz. Ferrule sizes 18/64 and 12/64, the fit is very good. The action is authoritative and smooth, on the faster side of medium fast for a 6 or possibly a 7 weight line. The rod comes with original bag and tube both retaining their markings, which adds to the rod's appeal.

A finely preserved and very historic rod!