Dingley Fly Reel 2 1/2" William Mills & Son - Caged Spool Fly Reel

For sale here is a VERY RARE Dingley-made 2 1/2" caged spool fly reel made for retailer William Mills & Co in New York. You will simply not find another one and if you do, you are very fortunate indeed. This highly sought after brass pin caged reel has an early fixed caliper check, which is nicely blued and adequately strong. Correct original and un-filed smooth brass foot which has a minor ding in one edge but really minor and doesn't hinder its reel seat fit whatsoever. Minor line grooves on the cross pillar and professionally engraved initials on the frame. These initials closely resemble the pattern/lettering on my 4 1/4" William Mills caged spool reel listed here on the website, so there was probably a nearby jeweler in NYC that engraved owner's initials on these Wm Mills-sold reels. Original ivorine handle spins freely. Tiny amount of end play (not even close to requiring repair) and no wobble. As with most leaded Dingleys, the majority of the original leading remains on the reel. Reel weighs 3.75 oz and the reel foot measures 2.4 inches.

There is no D stamp inside, but there is a "III" mark on the spool and three dots around the base of the spindle. Every other one of my William Mills' Dingley caged spool reels has the D stamp and this one is undoubtedly very similar. Perhaps this goes back to the day where Dingley worked closely with the PD Malloch shop.

The finest small stream reel I have owned. Simply a little jewel!