Dingley Fly Reel 3" - Westley Richards

For sale here is a really nice Dingley 3" fly reel with telephone latch, made for and retailed by Westley Richards. Stamped D3 inside the reel and the telephone latch also has 3 dots stamped into it. This excellent condition reel is RHW and comes with the early caliper check from the early 1920's. Un-filed original smooth brass reel foot with two pillar screws. The foot has a very slight bend in it on one end, but not enough to prevent it from fitting into any reel seat I tested it on. The reel foot is stamped with a 2 on one pillar foot and 1 on the other pillar foot. Great condition ivorine handle and it spins freely. There is some spindle play in this one but not serious enough to require repair in my opinion -- still a great fishing reel. No cracks/chips or prior repairs. Fair amount of leading remains on the spool and rims, but the leading on the back of the reel has worn off but still looks very nice in my opinion.