Cummings, Vince -- 6' 2pc 3wt Superlite Fiberglass Rod

For sale here is a custom made Vince Cummings "The Superlite" Model FL-460 fiberglass fly rod -- 6' 3wt 2 pc. Made in 1979. The rod is in excellent overall condition. The rod features a dark tangerine sanded fiberglass blank, cinnamon wraps, and a red, white, and blue signature wrap. The script on the rod remains clean and bold. The original owner's name is written along with the rod info. The 6" cigar grip is moderately soiled and otherwise free of defects. Dual aluminum sliding band reel seat with a cork spacer and a handsome walnut butt-cap. The spigot ferrule fit is nice and tight as it should be with 1/4" gap to allow for wear over time. The rod weighs a svelte 1.75 oz. The action is a swift and smooth medium-fast with wonderful fiberglass feel and delicacy.

This and the other Vince Cummings rods comes from the collection of Dennis Abrams, a longtime friend and business associate of Cummings.